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Fitment Solutions

  Fitment Solutions is an authorised stockist of a number of quality aftermarket parts that we supply Australia wide. If you’re having trouble with fitment on your vehicle, Fitment Solutions can help you! This process will help you achieve that perfect fitment and save you dollars in tyres. Fitment Solutions has been in business over

We are on the Move!

South East Queensland we are happy & proud to announce & will be servicing your area. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our NSW customers for there continued support. All inquiries are important to us and we will endeavor to respond in a timely fashion. Email:

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS * Disclaimer for rolling/flaring/pumping of the guards.* I do not accept liability for the damage arising from rolling/flaring/pumping of the guards on any vehicle, this includes paint cracking, rippling, distortion or indenting of the guard. However every effort is made for this not to happen. *Please understand that ALL custom work required